4 Tips for a Successful Move

4 steps to a good move

Moving can be a stressful and exciting time.  There’s lots of planning to think about in a move that is all scheduled around the date you can move into your new home.  As you get ready to move and then settle into your home, we have four tips for you to have a successful move. Let’s get that move out of the way so you can enjoy your new home!

#1: Pack pack pack.. Yes it may sound simple, but packing takes longer than you may have anticipated. When packing make sure you have enough boxes. Boxes can be purchased from a local uhaul or picked up for free at your local grocery store. Pro Tip: pack things you need in seasons so that when you get to your house you don’t need to re open all of your suitcases and boxes to try to find your favourite sweater!

#2: Change your mailing address with your mail courier. Nothing is worse than realizing last minute that all your mail will still be going to your old location. Change it in advance and give them the date you’re supposed to move on!

#3: Know what you want to get rid of beforehand. Nothings worse than sitting down to pack all your belongs up while than realizing you’re getting rid of more stuff than you are packing. Plan ahead and get rid of the stuff you know you no longer need and utilize packing time.. For packing. 

#4: Enjoy the process. Most moving experiences are stressful, long hungry days. Enjoy moving. Take the opportunity to say bye to your old life and say HELLO to your new one! Pro tip: Don’t forget to eat, no one likes a hangry mover..