Clearly, We’re a Different Kind of Mortgage Company

Our focus is on making the home buying experience better.

Haystax was created to be a different kind of Mortgage company.  The premise is about what is best for the consumer, both for approvals, clarity of process and being simple.

Here’s a few notable ways we’re different and proud of it!

Haystax is the first company in the country to use a brand ambassador that is a drag queen, her name is Conni Smudge.

“We firmly believe in diversity, Canada is a diverse country we believe we need to represent the people that we serve.” How do you serve the people in canada? You ensure there are opportunities for everyone equally. “Paul Therien, Founder, President and CEO

Conni allows people to see that we are a diverse company and are proud of it.  We are looking to work with the younger generation and letting them know that we are looking at their application details it doesn’t matter who you are.

“Being Canada’s first online AI-enabled mortgage origination company, if you have a laptop, smartphone or tablet you can apply for a mortgage. We adjudicate the application as you are making it, and we come back to you with three lender options.”

Haystax wants the mortgage process to be as convenient and comfortable as possible. 

“Haystax provides better and quicker service, because we get the application directly from the customer. They will get a phone call from one of our mortgage professionals within 10 minutes (during business hours) who is going to finalize the application and get everything ready for the mortgage”

The Haystax philosophy is all about you, your home, and finding the right fit.  There are so many options out there, we’re here to help you make the best decisions in your home buying experience whether that home is for now or forever.